Interim Management offers value far beyond practical reasons

Interim Management – Our value proposition

Interim Management is gaining acceptance, popularity and demand in today’s business environment mainly because of the value it offers to organizations especially in the following highly-significant business stages/phases: start-up, organizational crisis, organizational re-engineering, transitions, mergers and acquisitions, project management, and sudden leadership vacuum brought about by sudden departures, illness or even death.

Interim Management is a short-term engagement of providing management skills and expertise to guide the company’s staff, operations and direction over a period of transition within the organization. Interim management is an alternative service that an organization can avail of especially in time-critical situations where a stop gap method is required to minimize disruption or even the ensure the survival of the business in some greater extent. Most of the time, looking for a permanent employee with the specific skill set and experience is not necessary, and definitely is near impossible to accomplish in a relatively short period of time.  Almost always, there is nobody in the organization who is qualified or suitable to fill the void.

Interim Management is one area of management consulting that mjb+associates takes pride of.

We do it right the first time by exploring and assessing the situation, presenting the scope of the engagement and defining the boundaries and authority to be able to implement changes across all levels of the organization. Our team’s collective expertise is the key to understanding and diagnosis of the root cause of the problem thereby allowing us to come up with suitable solutions and approaches necessary to arrest the damage, turn the situation around, and establish policies and procedures to ensure that the changes are sustained long after our engagement has concluded.

Our team will have better success mainly because we are not subject to any corporate politics and culture and personality biases that may hinder an insider or a new employee tasked to correct the problem because the nature of our engagement is temporary thus we do not have the need to be diplomatic. We will remain objective and focused on what is best for your organization. Our managers are experts, readily deployed in a matter of days, efficient and conduct themselves professionally, with their reputation laid on the line in every engagement that they commit themselves to. Therefore, accountability and commitment to success at a relatively faster rate is what to be expected. This translates in faster recovery from a critical situation and relatively faster return on your investment thus making our team part of your success.

This is our value proposition. If you have other questions, please feel free to email us anytime and we will be more than glad to discuss your thoughts further.